Origami is still an unknown form of art/craft to many in South Africa. Growing up in Japan, I have somehow taken it for granted that anyone can fold a piece of paper to make a crane. It is only through teaching Origami to people in South Africa that I started realising and appreciating wonderful properties of Origami. When I see children being amazed at their own creation and becoming enthusiastic in folding more and teaching others, I feel a deep sense of happiness. It propels me to promote origami more and more in Africa. After all, it must be one of the cheapest, safest and most accessible kind of art because it only requires paper and hands! It is also very good for the development of hand-eye coordinations and developing mathematical concepts. 

Origami For Africa is trying to train more volunteers who can go and teach origami in various places. We have taught origami in Fish Hoek library, Masiphumelele Library, Polsmoor Prison, Soetwater refugee’s camp, Organic markets, birthday parties etc. I have taught origami in Tanzania and Uganda as well. It has also given me a chance to perform origami with a singer Ernestine Dean in her show called “White Paper Boat”, as well as working with a few advertising agencies to use origami in different mediums. 

If anyone would like to become an Origami volunteer, please contact Kyoko. Emailmailto:// kyoko@telkomsa.net

Also, if you are happy to help with your admin skills, you are most welcome.