Are you ready to lead change for South Africa ?

 As someone who cares about the future of our country, I am sure that you are also committed to creating a South Africa that works for all. 

 The National Planning Commission has identified Education as one of the top two challenges in the country and school leadership is at the heart of this issue.

 I am writing with an invitation: In September this year we will be expanding our innovative leadership development process to 10 more schools in Southern Cape Town and we are looking for 10 committed and passionate leaders who are ready to make a significant contribution to South Africa whilst at the same time developing their leadership skills.

 This is your opportunity to make history! The School at the Centre of Community (S@CC) initiative is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of leadership development. People from around the world are paying careful attention to the outcomes of this programme as it has the potential to catalyse and sustain large social change.

 In a nutshell, the programme entails the following:

A business leader becomes a learning & development partner to a school principal ;

Together they are tasked with one of the toughest challenges facing our country: to engage parents and other members of the community around the school to partner with the principal & teachers to educate our children;

The business leader (Partner for Possibility) and principal (Principal for Possibility) are supported through formal training, coaching and communities of practice.

The benefits are enormous (for the business leader, principal, teachers, parents, learners and for all of us in South Africa ).

 The intention is to roll this out to thousands of schools around the country and to create opportunities for thousands of business leaders to be part of a movement to mobilize citizens to reclaim responsibility for raising our children.

 Our education system is failing our children. We can’t sit back and wait for Superman to do something about it.  The time has come for each and every one of us to LeadSA and become actively involved in creating a country that truly works for all.

 Thank you for being a contribution for South Africa .

 Please let me know by 30th July if you are interested to join this very special group of 10 leaders who will be joining the programme in September 2011 or if you want to know more about the programme.

 There will be more opportunities to join the programme early 2012 so please let us know if you are interested to be part of the next group of leaders who will be leading change for South Africa .

 Warm regards

Louise van Rhyn