eMzantsi Carnival 2011Girls celebrate GreeningWhile the world’s leaders are gathered at COP17 in Durban ostensibly to commit their citizens to a carbon friendly economy, the eMzantsi Carnival showed the South Peninsula how to Go Bos.  “eMzantsi Goes Bos”, is about making green sexy” and getting the South Peninsula communities “excited about environmental issues” (Cindy Carelse, the Carnival operations manager)eMzantsi Carnival 2011 Mini Vegetation Car

School and community groups from Kommetjie to Clovelly celebrated months of community building at the 6th eMzantsi Carnival on Saturday 3 December.  Dressed in bright environmentally themed costumes and leading giant Mapiko puppets, the hallmark of eMzantsi, children, parents and enthusiastic participants spread the message of awareness and action for sustainable living.  (RHS photo- Is this mini mobile garden using all the CO2 it generates?) 

December is South-Easter season and the wind, which Climate Change scientists predict will blow even more often as temperatures rise, buffeted the puppets and joined the dance of swirling costumes.  But it could not blow away the fun vibe nor compete with the drumming, whistling and parade music. 

eMzantsi Carnival 2011 wind energy powered peopleLHS Photo : Sive Mana of OceanView demonstrates his personal Wind Energy power pack – which in the windy conditions seemed to require a huge amount of his energy to keep it from taking off with him strapped in.

Today (3 December 2011) was my 3rdeMzantsi Parade and the best to date.  While there was a better than average turnout of spectators, to those of you who did not or could not get there, I have to say:  You missed a real celebration of people from all sectors of the community having fun together.  Enjoy the parade photos and the fun but relevant environmental messages. Next time we hope to see you there.  Well done to Sam and Cindy and their team from eMzantsi, to Lorraine and the team from Jungle Theatre, to the Puppets and to all those who must have worked really hard to create an exciting and uniquely South Peninsula community carnival.eMzantsi Carnival 2011 human powered time cycle

RHS A complicated time-cycle powered by two people walking in the wheels.









BEN, the Bicycle Empowerment Network team joined the parade to raise awareness about how cycling provides opportunities for affordable mobility.  The slogans on their cycling shirts are exactly the environmental sustainability messages that should be getting across at COP 17.  ” The main mission of BEN is to address poverty and mobility through the promotion of the bicycle in all its forms. BEN imports used bicycles from overseas and distributes them to low income areas, trains recipients of the bikes in safety and maintenance, establishes Bicycle Empowerment Centre’s (BEC’s) and encourages cities to implement bicycle planning and infrastructure. BEN also assists the planning of events to help promote the use of the bicycle as a form of mobility – also known as active transport.”  For info contact BEN at  Tel: +27 21 788 4174,   Email:   website

No Iraqis Died to Power this Bicycle’,    `   One Less Car’     and `     Zero CO2 Mobility’ Ben Bikes at eMzantsi Carnival 2011 slogan' One Less Car'Ben Bikes at eMzantsi Carnival 2011, slogan `No Iragis died to fuel this bike'














And the best for Last, eMzantsi’s gaint Mapiko Puppets.  All the giant puppets are made primarily of recycled materials.  Owing to their huge size – three times the hight of an average person, it takes at least 4 far better than average puppeteers to move them to the beat of the parade drummers.

 Below:  Bush Baby takes big steps to make going green fun.     eMzantsi Carnival  2011world in hand puppet g300

EMzantsi carnival 2011 bush baby adds colour to parade


RHS:  This has to be my favourite puppet – Recycle Reggea? Click on the picture to get a better view of his recycled constitution.  A truely artistic arrangement of recycled gizmos and gadgets. 








eMzantsi Carnival 2011 Bush Mama or Mama Earth

LHS: Bush Mama or Mama Earth celebrating the South Peninsula’s slow awakening about the need to live in harmony with Nature.







“The local eMzantsi Community Carnival had to battle with 45km winds, hang on to your headdress girls!  But they did a great job. No carbon-emitting floats & most of the puppets etc used recycled items, to demonstrate how ‘Mother Earth’ is tired of being dumped on!”     Stuart Dawes of StupendisVid   Click here to watch his YouTube video of eMzantsi’s colourful and energetic Carnival Parade.

 For more images of the carnival see http://scenicsouth.co.za//2011/12/emzantsi-carnival-in-pictures/