Canoe South Africa has announced the South African Surf Ski team that will take part in the 1st World Surf Ski Championships, taking place during the 1st week of July, 2013, in Oporto, Portugal.

(WCCU paddlers in bold).

Rob MacLean

Media Liaison – WCCU

The SA Single Ski Team

u/18 Men
Kenny Rice – Protea Colours
Nicholas Notten – Protea Colours
Gene Prato – Federation Colours

u/18 Women

Kirsten Flanagan – Protea Colours
Amy Hare – Federation Colours TBC

u/23 Men
Grant VD Walt – Protea Colours
Brandon VD Walt – Protea Colours

u/23 Women

Bianca Beavitt  – Federation Colours

Open Men
Sean Rice – Protea Colours
Hank McGregor – Protea Colours
Grant VD Walt – Protea Colours
Matt Bouman – Protea Colours
Richard Von Wilderman – Protea Colours

Open Women
Michelle Burn – Protea Colours
Nikki Mocke – Protea Colours

Sub Vet Men
Hank McGregor – Protea Colours
Matt Bouman – Protea Colours

Vet Men

Vet Lady
Antje Manfroni – Federation Colours
Dayne Loots – Federation Colours

Sub Master Men
Herman Chalupsky – Federation Colours
Brendon Thompson – Federation Colours
Derrick Hauptfleisch – Federation Colours

Sub Master Women

Master Men
Oscar Chalupsky – Federation Colours
Andrew Carter – Federation Colours
Hennie Roos – Federation Colours

Masters Women
Hilde Lampere – Federation Colours

Sub Grand Master
Rob Welsh – Federation Colours
TC Smit – Federation Colours

Grand Masters
John de Smit – Federation Colours

Great Grand Masters
Patrick Eley – Federation Colours

SA Double Ski Team

Junior Men – Ski2
Kenneth Rice/Nicholas Notten
Gene Prato Calvin McKie

u/18 Women – Ski2
Kirsten Flanagan/ Amy Hare TBC

Open Men – Ski2
Hank McGregor/ Grant VD Walt
Barry Lewin/ Richard Von Wilderman

U23 Men – Ski2

Vet Men – Ski2

Vet Women – Ski2
Antje Manfroni/ Janine Linder TBC

Sub Master Men –Ski2
Brendon Thompson Andrew Carter

Master Men – Ski2
Hennie Roos/ Oscar Chalupsky

Sub Grand Master – Ski2
Theo Smit/ Steve Evans
Graham Holm /Gary Ralph

Grand Master – Ski 2
Patrick Eley/ Buckey Symons