We were woken this morning to the sound of someone moving with quiet deliberation past our bed. I held my breath to focus on listening and looking.  We waited.  Yes, someone / something appeared to be leopard crawling across the room.  Deep breath! Lights! Action! Poised to scream, hit, run…   Nothing there!  The sounds again. More urgent, scrabbling on the wooden floor.  Looking down, we saw a Leopard Toad frantically dash-hopping out of the light behind a discarded pillow.

What!  How!  When did it come into the house?  We are privileged to see Leopard Toads in our garden, but until now have never had one visit us at home!!!  Perhaps he was heading down to the Silvermine River, and acknowledging that this journey would take him through an obstacle course of paving, steps, fences and driveways, took a wrong turn and ended up heading down our passage instead?

Toads in the bedroom may not be so unusual.  See the attached photo by Evanne Rothwell of two Leopard Toads sharing a duvet in a dog basket in Fish Hoek.

August is Leopard Toad breeding season – Toads on Roads time. The expected toad migration across the streets of the South Peninsula down to the breeding ponds at Westlake, Zandvlei, the Silvermine River, Glenvlei and Noordhoek is likely to happen with the forthcoming rains. Please drive with care.  A healthy Leopard Toad population is an indication of an environment that is healthy for all of us.

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Visit www.leopardtoad.co.za for more information or call the hotline on 0825163602.