Written by Kim Cassidy – 081 270 6727 – kim@ask-kim.com

Ready for a night of rollicking good fun, great music, good laughs and an all-round slick production?  Then His Master’s Voice on at the Kalk Bay Theatre is the show to go and see. FollowSpot Productions have done it again and pulled out all the stops with a vibrant, lively show on at the Kalk Bay Theatre right now. We went off to see it on Saturday night and came out of there smiling and light-hearted having been thoroughly well-entertained!!


His Master’s Voice features: Ash Searle – all round performer extraordinaire; Hannah Hishin – and her haunting, husky voice; Lucy Tops – with that gorgeous, sultry voice, Vanessa Harris – love her all-out sassiness and joie de vivre and Wesley Wohluter – blown away at how he moves effortlessly from serious music to a jive in a heartbeat-  all accomplished entertainers in their own right.


And this musical show is that perfect combination of professionalism and slick, high energy as it moves from one genre to the next, all done effortlessly and with panache – a real feel good evening of entertainment with songs that range from Elvis to Adele, from swing to rock, fromBad Moon rising to Radar Love.  And thrown into the mix is a lot of clever humour, a little dance and a whole lot of audience participation.  


We experience consistently good shows on at Kalk Bay Theatre.  Ash and Vanessa make a dynamic team in the way that they complement each other, Ash with his solid strength in all that he turns his hand to and Vanessa with her flamboyant vivacity, make for a an excellent evening out, time after time.  It’s great to see the two of them on the stage together again  – leading a show that gives some seriously good entertainment and having a whole lot of fun while they were doing it.  


The intimacy of Kalk Bay Theatre is also a huge plus factor for the enjoyment of the audience – the performers are really engaging directly with the audience – not an easy task – you have to be really “on” to make a show like His Master’s Voice work – and they pulled it off for sure – the audience were delighted, singing along, clapping along, sometimes even stomping their feet along.


His Master’s Voice runs until the 23rd September and is on on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 8.30pm.  You can book online at http://www.kalkbaytheatre.co.za . A definite YES to a great evening out!!

P.S. Treat yourself to dinner at the theatre before the show too!