Local author Sheila Mary Taylor (Sheila Belshaw) of Glencairn has published her new book, Dance to a Tangled Web, as an e-book, available from Amazon. The paperback edition will appear soon.
DANCE TO A TANGLED WEB – by Sheila Mary Taylor
A tale of love, deception and forgiveness
Dance to a Tangled Web by Sheila Mary TaylorAfter only one triumphant night of dancing ‘Giselle’, an unexplained injury forces Alana to withdraw temporarily from the dance company and relax her body on the Mediterranean beaches of Menorca, where she falls madly in love with a man whose young daughter is inspired by her but whose past is inextricably connected to hers in ways that will forever haunt her.
‘Dance to a Tangled Web’ is a mesmerizing tale built teasingly around the underlying story of the ballet ‘Giselle’ as Alana dances towards her fate in the throes of two overwhelming passions – for her lover and for her art – a fate she will re-interpret in a startling way for all those whose lives she has touched.
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