The recent frogging expedition in Stanford  went very well and the learners were absolute stars.  We found  raucous toads in the leiwater system.  One amplexus pair and a female with a broken leg.  There were three roadkill recordings of raucous toad too.  The very puzzling thing was that the female in amplexus was found dead in the same spot on the Friday afternoon.  It was unclear why she died.

We found only clicking stream frogs at the Willem Appel Dam and NO platannas.  This was puzzling too as they should be there.  There was nothing in our traps there at all on the Friday morning.  We did however find thousands of approx. 1cm long tadpoles there which I suspect where clicking stream frog taddies but they were too small to say really.  It was puzzling that no other size tadpole was seen there.

Frogging in Stanford:the team. Photo: Whale Coast Conservation

Frogging in Stanford:the team. Photo: Whale Coast Conservation

The Willem Appel Dam shows signs of enrichment with evidence of algal lining the dam.  There is also much litter around here.  If there is an  clean up planned for Stanford soon can the Willem Appel Dam be earmarked for it?  As it is the froggers did pick up three bags of litter and did not really scratch the surface.  I will remember to take black bags with next time.

The vlei was in better shape.  We found clicking stream frog, cape river frog, some large tadpoles of these two species, arum lily frog and plenty of platannas.  It will be interesting to see if these findings remain consistent next week.

I have attached a photo of our merry band.  I will upload the rest of the photos onto my facebook page.  Here’s the link

Sheraine van Wyk

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