FHVRRA Newsletter for November 2014 reports on Fish Hoek beach issues, sea water pollution, the Main Road upgrade, teenager activities, sub-council awards, street people and traffic. 

Beach matters

As we all welcome our warm and windy summer our thoughts turn to the beach. We are pleased that the Council initiated a big clean up of Fish Hoek beach on 1st November before the start of the season. Thanks are also due to Lorraine Lemmon-Warde for her vigilance in keeping the City aware of maintenance issues.  One of the things being attended to is the sea-weed.  At present it is collected and taken away but it has been suggested that it be put on the dunes in front of the beach cottages to stabilize the dunes which are badly eroded by the summer South Easters.

The shower/changing facility near the lighthouse has become badly degraded. It is tatty and very smelly from being used as a public convenience. Consequently it has been decided to demolish it. There is a shower outside the life-savers’ clubhouse and another at the Galley end of the beach.  The beach parking area adjacent to the lighthouse has been neglected.  The surface has been deteriorating for some time.  We understand that this parking area is to be re-graded before the Cape Point Challenge which is an international Paddle Ski event. This will benefit locals parking there this summer.

The Fish Hoek shark net will be put in the water each day in summer (starting 1st November), weather permitting.  At Glencairn beach the KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board, in conjunction with the Institute for Maritime Technology, have installed their new shark prevention device. The pods anchored to the sea-bed emit frequencies that deter sharks. Shark activity is being monitored daily by cameras on the mountain and there is a hut on Elsie’s Point which is manned by a shark spotter who will run onto the beach to warn bathers if a shark is spotted.


The shark spotters need a new hut on Fish Hoek beach to replace the old Wendy House used to store their equipment. This is in addition to the shark spotters’ hut on the mountainside. Ald. Felicity Purchase has asked us to advise you that she is looking for sponsorship of R60 000.


Sea water pollution

The very high E-coli counts in water taken off Fish Hoek beach have been a problem for several years. Sea water samples are taken twice-monthly off the Galley, off the lighthouse and two more at the SilvermineRiver end of the beach.


After strenuous efforts by the Riverine Rovers and the FHVRRA, the Silvermine River pollution problems have been considerably reduced and are really only problematic when there is a sewage spill which is not repaired quickly.


For the past eighteen months we have requested that action be taken to reduce the E-coli count at the Galley end of the beach; more specifically for the Council to check the sewage and storm water pipes in the Recreation Road area. Finally, when a hole developed in Recreation Road outside Barracudas in August, it was realised that the sewage pipes under the road had collapsed. The whole connection had to be dug up and renewed. The result – the E-coli count has dropped from +5000 to 4!  This is most encouraging and the Council has promised that the smoke detector machine will be used in early November to check the pipes that feed into the lighthouse outlet. This machine pumps smoke down the pipes which leaks out wherever there is a hole or cracked pipes. We will continue to monitor the sea water pollution reports but we are hopeful that at last the officials are getting to grips with the problem.


The FHVRRA will be meeting City officials to review the latest status on 7th November.


Clovelly Station and Main Road upgrade from Kalk Bay to Clovelly

Work has at last commenced on the wall to be built above Clovelly station to support the Main Road and services upgrade. The station is to be demolished and the rubble used to back-fill the wall. It will make a huge difference to traffic flow once completed, but we are in for some frustrating delays once the road building starts from KalkBay harbour in about a year’s time.


The vagrants that used to live around the station and under the platforms have now moved but it is rather disturbing to report that they have settled under the road/railway bridge at Clovelly and in the bush across the road between the wetlands and the police station. Please be aware of this and be careful.


Teenager Activities

The FHVRRA Exco has been aware of the lack of facilities and entertainment for young people in the valley and, as reported at the August QGM, our secretary Chantal Breytenbach undertook a survey at FishHoekHigh School which reveals the types of entertainments teenagers would most like to see. The top 8 requests are

1- a cinema, 2- Arcade games, 3 -skate board park, 4- 10 pin bowling, 5- a coffee meeting place for teenagers, 6- a water park , 7- cycle ramps, 8- under 18’s disco.

The cinema is out of the question and the new Sun Valley Centre management has confirmed that the Centre will not have a cinema as there would be insufficient support. The previous cinemas in the valley have closed for this reason. We are investigating the possibility of an open-air cinema for the summer months. They are very popular but as wind is a serious factor a wind-free or wind-reduced site/venue would be desirable. We would like to see a skate board park built either at/near the beach or at the sports fields and we are investigating ways and means of funding this. Chantal is also working towards having discos in the civic centre – well controlled for under 18’s.


Sub-Council awards

The South Peninsula Sub-Council has requested nominations for either individuals or organisations that work/operate in the Far South and deserve recognition. They would like to have recommendations in various categories such as sports, including sportsmen and women who have represented SA overseas, service category, voluntary work, working with children and any other category you consider worthy of recognition. In short our unsung heroes!

Please send in a short motivation or CV as soon as possible as the closing date was 4th November but late entries will be considered. Send to felicity.purchase@capetown.gov.za or drop them at the Sub-Council office, Central Circle, Fish Hoek.


Traffic Enforcement and Increased Traffic Flows

You may have noticed there has been an increase in traffic enforcement in the Far South. The traffic department has been working very hard and we are grateful for this service as the standard of driving seems to be worsening.


Statistics for traffic accidents on Ou Kaapse Weg including Glencairn freeway are:  2009 – 166; 2010 -165; 2011 – 137; 2012 – 217; 2013 – 198; 2014 (6 months) – 106. This averages about an accident every other day.


Ou Kaapse Weg has heavy usage and it is essential that something be done to ensure that the traffic flows smoothly and behaves with consideration for others.  We are still hoping that the Silvermine Road intersection will be improved soon and that the promised up-grades on Kommetjie Road between Glencairn Expressway and Capri will be implemented.  Once the new Sun Valley Centre is opened (November 2015) there will be a huge increase in traffic around the Noordhoek turn off. The main entrance into the parking for the Centre will be off Noordhoek Drive opposite Montrose Close. Chapman’s Bay estate is apparently selling well and building will begin soon, but we are very worried about the entrance/exit from this estate into Ou Kaapse Weg. It is potentially a dangerous corner with traffic speeding down the mountain and traffic crossing to turn right up the mountain.


Street people

The increasing number of street people has become a problem throughout the City. Recently our Sub-Council held a street people’s workshop. Described as a street people’s audit pilot scheme, the aim was to show Council where to put their resources. They will be monitoring existing street people and looking out for new ones. The City wishes to develop a standard operating procedure for street people for the whole city.



We really encourage new members to join the FHVRRA and particularly to join our Exco.  Attracting volunteers becomes harder each year and this is not just a Fish Hoek problem. Both Simon’s Town and Noordhoek civic associations collapsed earlier this year and now six months later there have been efforts to revive them as their input into civic affairs was sorely missed. We strive to make the Fish Hoek valley an attractive place in which to live and represent concerns of you all in social, economic, infrastructural and environmental matters. Our newsletter is also published on the Scenic South website and we are starting our own facebook page.


E-mail addresses

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