On 22 June a group of  Fish Hoek Year-Round, Early Morning Swimmers decided to join in Clifton’s annual winter solstice swim.  This is held on the first Saturday after June 21st.  Going into the icy water water qualifies one to be a “Polar Bear” – and get the t-shirt!

Below is the Fish Hoek Ladies’ Team half an hour before the Clifton Polar Bear swim on 22.6.13. The weather was cold and misty and the Atlantic Ocean wild.

Fish Hoek early morning swimmers take part in Clifton's annual winter solstice swim

Gwen Harms; Lorraine Lemmon-Warde; Desiree Watson; Jo Cullingworth; Enid Dettmer; Maryna Poole

Three of last year’s regular swimming ladies swam again and were joined by Gwen.


All the early morning swimmers from Fish Hoek: taking part in the Clifton solstice swim

From l to r: Gwen Harms; Andy Dunlop; Jo Cullingworth; Desiree Watson; Maryna Poole; Lorraine Lemmon-Warde.