HELD ON 22 AUGUST 2013 AT 19H30




Present: Janet Holwill (chair) + as per the attendance register (including Cllrs F Purchase and Liell-Cock).


Apologies: As per the apology register.


Janet Holwill welcomed everyone, especially the guest speaker, Jim Hallinan, and the Council officials who would address the subject of Rates Rebates.

2.     GUEST SPEAKER: Jim Hallinan, conservationist and historian with the City of Cape Town  

Jim Hallinan addressed the meeting on the topic “False Bay! A world class wonder in our own backyard”. He illustrated his interesting and informative talk with many slides. He noted that the CapePeninsula and RobbergPeninsula are the only two peninsulas on the fairly regular coastline of Southern Africa and stressed the attributes of South Africa in respect of floral kingdoms.  He discussed the natural and cultural heritage resources that have the potential to make Fish Hoek and the FarSouthPeninsula a world-class tourism destination if we work together and wisely develop and conserve these assets into the future.

He commented that visitors (in particular foreign visitors) appreciate our surroundings far more that we do. We are so spoilt for the wonders around us……!.


GUEST SPEAKERS: City of Cape Town Officials  


The officials presented various practical solutions to save on Electricity and Water accounts.


The officials itemized various criteria to qualify for Rates Rebates viz:

–          You have to be 60 years and over

–          Income not exceeding R12000 per month

–          Receipt of a disability grant

–          Must be the owner of the property and have one property only

–          If children buy the house for the parents, the parents cannot apply for the rebate unless there is a living rights usufruct clause


A member queried whether one could apply if you are 60, but still working with a household income is less that R12000.  The answer was in the affirmative.



Approved and signed.


4.     COUNCILLOR’S REPORT:   Ald Felicity Purchase (Councillor for Ward 69 and Chairperson of the Sub-Council)


4.1  Sun Valley Mall: The previous mall was 9000sqm.  Checkers, the developers, have asked for a departure for 18000sqm. If   not granted, it would be 12000sqm and 8m high.


4.2  Benches: There has been a request for benches between Nerina and the Main Road. Felicity will be looking into this and         requested that members e-mail her with ideas.  Some members felt that this could attract vagrants.


4.3  Valyland Spar:  No dogs are to be left outside their entrance.


4.4  Eldercare facility: Felicity feels very strongly that the Valley needs a boarding house for the elderly who cannot afford         Nerina or Carlisle Lodge, ie a bedsitter.


4.5  Beach Spring Splash: This will be held on 1 September from 10am.


4.6  Main Road: A member asked if it was possible for a median to be placed on the Main Road.  Felicity said it would be         reviewed when the roadworks through Fish Hoek are considered for upgrading.


4.7  Water Pump Station: This will be up and running from November.


4.8  The “White House” at the Beach entrance: Members to contact Felicity or Janet with ideas for artwork for this unsightly      little building.


5.     CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Janet Holwill


5.1  Valyland cellphone mast is not operational.  Janet spoke to the owner about moving the mast to a more central location within the property and away from the residential area and understood that this request had been submitted by the  owner/Towerlink to the City.  Felicity mentioned that there was nothing in writing. Janet will follow up.


5.2  Lekkerwater cellphone mast:  The public have said no because of all the controversy with the Valyland mast.  It is         understood that it would look like a tree.


5.3  Jager Walk lights: The copper wiring has been stolen twice. City has been reluctant to fix this.  Felicity reported that the         Senior Engineer of public lighting has suggested that all wiring/piping should be underground.  This will cost in the      region     of R150000 – R180000.  Felicity has requested that this be rectified by the end of October, plus the parking lights.          Unfortunately solar lights are far more expensive and panels have a high value on the black market.


5.4  Liquor Licence applications for Longbeach breweries, Tiger Lily Restaurant and Papa Joes: Members were       requested to submit objections regarding any of the these applications to Warrant Officer Middleton at by 25/08/2013.

A resident on Hillside expressed concern in respect of Tiger Lily Restaurant as the noise level that came from previous restaurants and when their patrons left was unbearable.  What is going to be any different?  Felicity said that it would be a Japanese/Thai restaurant, not a pub, and that there won’t be live music.  The same resident said he was at Papa Joes on a Saturday when a drunken gentleman got out of his car, took his key and scratched a parked car.  This man was then served more alcohol in Papa Joes!


5.5  Philippi development: The City will be building 600 houses on Philippi agricultural land which is of great concern.    Felicity indicated that a large portion of the land is already invaded and that the idea is to establish a decent development so       that the Urban Edge can be managed properly. This agricultural land is already damaged but it would be possible to do tunnel farming.


5.6  Skateboarding parks:  Members were requested to e-mail Janet and Felicity with ideas.


5.7  Traffic issues: Various issues were raised under general discussion:

–          Major traffic jams are caused when traffic lights do not work properly.

–          Re the new Sun Valley Mall, a possible circle at the OKW intersection has been discussed by Checkers with the Traffic

Department to ensure an effective traffic solution for their customers.

–          Metrorail has not yet agreed to the City’s Main Road plans for the section between Woolley’s Pool and Clovelly.


  1. 6.       TREASURER’S REPORT: Allen Rose-Innes

   There has been a consistent drop in memberships over the last years. For the year to date this is 10%. The Association plays an important role, in collaboration with the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF), in promoting the interests of ratepayers and residents, especially in its interaction with the City. There is a need to make people aware of the Association and what we are about. Allen appealed to committed members to assist in recruiting new members.


Allen presented the financials. There is a need to retain a healthy balance (which at present is ± R32 000) to meet potential legal and consultancy costs. In this regard the Association recently contributed R5000 via the FSPCF for the transport impact study undertaken in respect of unwarranted developments along the Kommetjie Road corridor.


Hard copy distribution of the newsletter is a significant cost that could be reduced if those members were to subscribe to e-mail distribution.


Allen proposed an increase in subscription from the R60 (applied over the last two years) to R70.  The meeting agreed.


7.     CLOSURE

There being no further items under General, Janet closed the meeting at 21h30, with thanks to all for attending, and invited all to stay for refreshments.


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