Time to acknowledge environmental excellence

If there is one thing that most people would agree upon, it is that the actions of man have had a major impact on the small blue planet that we eco-logic awards attended by Cormac Cullinan, Bishop Davies, Kate Davies, Joseph Edozien & David Parry-Daviescall home. The extent of that impact can be measured in many ways, and it is all too easy to point out the problems caused by our behaviour and the threats posed on life as we know it.  One organisation has made the decision to take a totally different approach. The Enviropaedia, South Africa’s leading reference encyclopaedia to the green revolution – has taken the approach of promoting change by rewarding excellence.

“We are celebrating those companies and individuals that are Eco-Logically smart. We want to recognise their pioneering work and acknowledge that they are paving the way to a bright and exciting Green Future,” said David Parry-Davies, Editor, The Enviropaedia. “We are hoping that their work will inspire change in others.”

The awards were made at a ceremony at the CTICC on November 19.  Attendees in the photo above include: Cormac Cullinan-  Cullinan & Associates – environmental Attorneys ; Bishop Geoff Davis & wife Kate – South African Faith Communities Environment Institute ( SAFCEI): Joseph Edozien – South African New Economics Foundation ( SANE) 

Eco-Logic Awards paint Cape Town green

Everyone, and every organisation – big or small – has the power to make a difference to the planet. That was the core message of the inaugural Eco-Logic Awards, which took place in Cape Town at the CTICC on November 19.

“Us greenies are often fighting the symptoms, and not the cause of environmental problems,” said David Parry-Davies, the editor of The Enviropaedia, South Africa’s leading reference to the green revolution and the driving force behind the awards.   “If we want different environmental circumstances, we need a change of mindset. We need to evolve and become Ecological human beings,” he continued.

“However, we should not just focus on the doom and gloom, but also on those who excel. That is why this evening, we are celebrating the phenomenon we call Eco-Logic.” 

One of the main award winners was Mariette Liefferink. She walked away with the Eco Warrior Award for her ongoing fight against Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in the Gauteng region.  “Mariette is a warrior of note, we salute you. Thank you for the work you do,” Parry-Davies noted while handing her the award. 

eco-logic awards David Parry -Davies and John LedgerThe Lifetime Achievement Award went to veteran environmentalist John Ledger. For many years he has played a leading role in protecting South Africa’s vultures from modern threats such Eskom’s power lines. See Dr Ledger on the Right receiving his award from David Parry-Davies of the Enviropaedia.

 Other winners included Mike Kerr of Animal Outreaches, who took home the Eco Angel Award, and 14-year old Tanya Meyer from Johannesburg. She scooped the Eco-Logical Youth Award for her conservation and eco awareness work at school in Northcliff.  “This young lady is impressive,” Parry-Davies pointed out, referring to, among other things, Meyer’s owl project. This initiative saw her high school’s yard being used to help to reintroduce the owl in the area.

Apart from individuals, various organisations and companies too were put in the spotlights. While music festival Rocking the Daisies and the Share Net project of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA) shared the Climate Change Award, Plastics SA won the Recycling Award).

Among the other green champions were De Beers’ Diamond Route (Biodiversity Award), car rental company Avis (Best Water Conservation Programmes, Products or Services) and transport firm Imperial Logistics.  The latter took home no less than two awards: one for the Best Energy Saving Programme, Product or Service and one for the Best Programme, Product or Service that Reduces Environmental Impact in Transport.

This event has been awesome, as it has brought together so many like minded people who are all concerned about the environment. Together we can push things forward,,” said Paul Jennings, founder of Rights for Rhinos and one of the finalists for the Eco Warrior Award. “I did not win but being nominated has been a fantastic acknowledgement.”  In May this year, together with his friend Sboniso Phakati, Jennings walked from Musina to Cape Town to raise funds and create awareness about South Africa’s rhino situation. “So far 366 rhinos have been poached in 2011, up from 333 animals over the whole of last year,” he said. “Rhino poaching in South Africa is highly organised. The killings are orchestrated and are not done randomly.  If things continue like this, we might lose over 400 by the end of this year.” Ending the slaughter and making people aware of the fact that South Africa needs its rhinos was the main reason behind the men’s 1743 km walk. “We did it mainly to create awareness with regards to the fact that rhinos have rights too,” Jennings said. “In the process we managed to raise roughly R60 000. These funds will be used to set up an educational Rhino programme in Kwa Zulu Natal. We will call it Rights for Rhinos Phase 2. So we are not done yet.”

It is just this kind of initiative and passion for making a difference that the  Eco-Logic Awards hopes to encourage well into the future.

Issued on behalf of the Enviropaedia by  Miriam Mannak of HIPPO Communications 

Full list of winners

Initiated by David Parry-Davies, Editor, The Enviropaedia, South Africa’s leading reference encyclopaedia to the green revolution the Eco-Logic Awards were devised  to promote change by rewarding excellence. Celebrating those companies and individuals that are Eco-Logically smart the Enviropaedia recognises their pioneering work and acknowledges that they are paving the way to a bright and exciting Green Future and  that their work can inspire change in others. The winners:

  • Eco-Angel Award: Mike Kerr, Animal Outreaches;
  • Eco-Warrior Award: (sponsored by MTN) Mariette Liefferink;
  • Eco-Logical Youth Award (sponsored by Pick n Pay Schools Club): Tanya Meyer;
  • The Recycling Award (sponsored by HP): Plastics SA;
  • The Biodiversity Award (sponsored by SABC3): Diamond Route;
  • The Climate Change Award (sponsored by ACSA) Rocking the Daisies and WESSA Share-Net.
  • Best Programme, Product or Service that results in Energy Saving (sponsored by Menlyn Maine): Imperial Logistics;
  • Best Programme, product or Service that results in Water Conservation: Avis;
  • Best Programme, Product or Service that reduces Environmental Impact in Transport (sponsored by Gautrain): Imperial Logistics;
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by LG): John Ledger.

 The judges have impeccable pedigrees of their own. They are:

  • Yolan Friedmann – CEO, Endangered Wildlife Trust;
  • Ray-ann Sedres, Santam
  • Chantal Naidoo, DBSA
  • Charles Moore 50/50 SABC
  • Marba Visagie, NCPC, CSIR
  • David Parry-Davies, Editor, The Enviropaedia; and
  • Val Geen – National Business Initiative.

“We thought long and hard about the categories for the awards,” Parry-Davis said. “We consulted with some of today’s leading sustainability experts to ensure that we recognise and reward a diverse range of Eco-Logical achievements.”

The categories agreed upon and finalists were:

  • Eco-Angel Award. Finalists are Alex Lenferna, SEACC SF, Elma Pollard, Green Times, Jeunesse Park, Food and Trees for Africa, Liz Eglington, Blue Sky Organics, Mariette Liefferink, FSE, Mike Kerr, Animal Outreaches and Pat Featherstone, Soil for Life
  • Eco-Warrior Award is sponsored by MTN. Finalists are Peter Borchert, Africa Geographic, Douw Steyn, Plastics SA, Kayden Kleinhans, Global Wheeling, Lee Swan, Deloitte, Paul Jennings and Sboniso Phakati, Rights for Rhinos, and Lindela Mjenxane, Beyond Expectation Environmental Project
  • Eco-Logical Youth Award is sponsored by Pick n Pay Schools Club. The finalists are WWF Eco-Schools Programme ree- Blouberg Node Limpopo Province, Tanya Meyer, Ella Bella, Pinelands North Primary School, and Khanyiswa Zangqa, Beyond Expectations Environmental Project.
  • The Recycling Award is sponsored by HP, Finalists are Agri Protein, Electrolux, Heath Nash, Nokia and Menlyn Maine
  • The Biodiversity Award is sponsored by SABC3. Finalists are Diamond Route, Birdlife SA,
  • The Climate Change Award is sponsored by ACSA. Finalists are Rocking the Daisies, Pick n Pay, Wessa Share-Net, Nedbank, and Eurorscg.
  • Best Programme, Product or Service that results in Energy Saving is sponsored by Menlyn Maine. Finalists are Agama Biogas, Imperial Logistics, Riso, Sunfire Solutions and Whirlpool.
  • Best Programme, product or Service that results in Water Conservation. Finalists are Greenpop, Avis, SAB, Agama Biogas, and Chris Hani District Municipality.
  • Best Programme, Product or Service that reduces Environmental Impact in Transport is sponsored by Gautrain. The finalists are Green Cabs, Imperial Logistics and Volkswagen, Whale Concept Filtering and Rocking the Daisies.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by LG