In its 47 years of existence, LifeLine is probably facing one of the hardest challenges to date – how to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the violence and crime in our beloved country. Crime is rife and to be expected in all walks of life.  It is something that has crept up on us – if we haven’t been a victim of crime we know someone who has, so being on high alert is a given to everyday life.

LifeLine’s service is one of empathy and empowerment, supporting emotional wellness, believing in the soul and connectedness of humankind. We all share the same wounds and brokenness – these are the things that bind us together – those who have participated on our training courses will attest to this.

However, over and above this, is the current feeling of insecurity and fear. The response spectrum ranges from anger and bitterness to paralysis. It affects us emotionally and physically and our relationships – in fact our attitude to life. We probably all suffer from the much spoken about General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and here is a commonality that has the potential of, again, binding us together.

LifeLine strives to reach out and find the tools, embedded in each and every one , that will bring healing and courage. Our counsellors are highly trained and offer total confidentiality. We offer both telephonic (021 4611111) and face to face counselling (021 4611113 to make an appointment). This service is free of charge.

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