We are having an event celebrating the World Origami Days which is from 24th Oct to 11th Nov.

This is a peace-building event to do something together transcending our differences.

This year, we are having it at Alive Cafe in Muizenberg, on 8th Nov.


I have been teaching origami weekly at 3 different places this year.

1) Wesbank No1 Primary School (Kuils River) … 20 children

2) St James Primary School (in Kalk Bay) … about 10 children

3) Zameka Faku’s Youth Club (Michells Plain) …. about 15 children


In the event, they will share what they have learnt.

It is an opportunity for the children to teach what they have learnt to the best of their ability.

For this reason, it will be wonderful to have many eager learners who will affirm their achievements! Clumsy adult learners are most welcome!

Come, fold and go freely during the 2 hours, 10am -12pm.


It is also an opportunity for them to be outside of their township and experience a fun day on the Muizenberg beach, which for many of them is a highlight of the year.

We will be buying them icecream and chips to enjoy as this is also the end of year activity for OFA clubs.


This poster below is created by Barry. Thanks Barry. Please forward it to anyone interested.

 Origami Day with Origami for Africa

With appreciation,

Kyoko Morgan

Founder of Origami For Africa