Thank you to everyone who attended our 5 days of screenings.

We had record audiences!

Due to several requests, we have decided to screen  4 more of the films

screened at the Labia.

We hope you enjoy our choice as below.

And about R3,500 worth of books were sold – THANK YOU

for contributing books and for supporting the sale

– ranging from R5, R10, R20 to big coffee table books for R30.

Proceeds will  be split 50-50 between museum funds and a project for the elderly.

More details to come.


Please call to book: Tel 021 786 3046 Tickets: R30

Or book by return email to


THURSDAY 10 MARCH 11am (2003; 98 min)

Facing Death – the life and work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The person who dedicated her life to destigmatise dying and to draw attention to the treatment of the terminally ill.This intimate film was made when
Elisabeth awaited her own death.

(Please see attachment for special course Living Dreaming Dying by Rob Nairn – a Tibetan perspective)


THURSDAY 10 MARCH 2pm (2009; 83 min)

The Living Matrix – the new science of healing

This film expands our understanding of human biology, and shows the fields of energy and information that drive human biochemistry. Scientists, biologists and more share their knowledge. A fascinating journey to better understand our own health.


THURSDAY 17 MARCH 11am (2004; 80 min)

Al-Ghazali – the alchemist of happiness

A docudrama on this Sufi mystic born in Iran 1058.

Winner special prize: Religions for Peace. Trento Italy.

The life and impact of one of the greatest spiritual and legal philosophers in Islamic history. The film examines Ghazali’s existential crisis of faith that arose from his rejection of religious dogmatism, and reveals parallels with our own times.


THURSDAY 17 MARCH 2pm (2014; 84 min)

Awake! The life of Yogananda

Author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi

The mystic  who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s.

His classic book is said to be the only book Steve Jobs had on his iPad.

Archival material from Yogananda’s life (he died in 1952) creates a spine for this inspiring narrative.


Embedded as we are in a social media-mad world of ever-inflating trivia,

our journey to steer, still or enlighten our mind remains a daunting quest.

The gift of Exploring Consciousness to us is one of reawakening. Thank you!

– Jane Mayne, arts editor Cape Times

Exploring Consciousness

since 1996

Thought-provoking films feature humanity’s endless spiritual search.

From ancient wisdom traditions to the latest interfaith accords,

scientific investigations to philosophical ‘truths’.

The emphasis always on exploration, of looking into the mystery of life,

into the pain and suffering, the chaos and the confusion.

But always there is the little flame flickering inside each of us:

our interconnectedness to all beings, to all matter, to the whole universe.