After some deliberations and discussions about ageing, a small group of Stanfordians have been looking at what the main needs are in our village.

Loud and clear is the initial message: “I want to stay in my own home, in Stanford, while I am independent and healthy”

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Then: “I would like to have trained personnel come in to assist me with daily things which I cannot do on my own”
Now the question is, how can we achieve the above? Please let me know what your thoughts are on the subject – what were you hoping to hear at the first conversation with Rayne Stroebel of Geratec? What other areas need looking into?

Should there be Meals on Wheels type of service? What about a security buzzer system for people living on their own? Transport when you can’t drive your car anymore? Is house sharing an option? Should we try for a small office which could co-ordinate EDEN trained carers and other services? Is there a property which is suitable which might be sponsored by the owner?

BEING  ACTIVE  Many of the group of 60 who attended Rayne Stroebel’s conversation in October 2014 have become more active and altered their mindset to welcome all daily activities such as gardening, mowing the lawn, walking to the village – and a new exciting venture ‘Shall we dance’ saw about 20 people attending the first evening session so we expect a great turnout on the 25th March for the second session.

Trusting that you are all active and enjoying the moment.

Elma Hunter

Stanford, Overberg