The eyes of one of the  readers of the Scenic South were opened to the beauty of the Overberg recently. Karen kindly gave permission to reproduce her email…

Dear Viv

I wanted to thank you for continuing with the fabulous “Scenic South.” Hub and I have just come back from our annual circuitous pilgrimage to Knysna, this time unusually via the Overberg, an area we both didn’t know. Your website had no small part in this choice.

Wow! what an adventure: we enjoyed lunch and took in the locals at “Graze”, before heading off to Cape Agulhas. The trip from Cape Town to Agulhas took us the whole day (I kid not), as we just had to keep stopping for photos.

Now that we are home, and catching up with the email mound, I am reading your post of 6 Aug. (my birthday!) and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful Richard Masson photos of his Stanford garden birds. So – now I really understand why you emigrated from the city to the country. Continue to enjoy.

Kind regards,

Karen L

Since the email was not accompanied by one of Karen’s photos, I have added one of my own – of the canola fields in flower!