A boomslang, tired of being a city slitherer and opting for a quieter life in the country, stowed away in a small piece of shade netting and hitched a ride with our worldly goods and chattels from Fish Hoek to Stanford in the Overberg.

To the surprise of one of the cheerful men from Douglas Transport, the almost-a-metre-long reptile dropped out of the box that our man was carrying and fell onto the patio, where he slithered in panic towards the open sliding door to our house. Luckily Hubby was inside and able to keep snake outside otherwise I would have been camping on the lawn for the next few weeks until someone else brave enough to unpack all the boxes and unfold all the curtains had done so!

To urgent cries in unison of “Kill it, kill it!”, “Don’t kill it, don’t kill it!” our bold and intrepid hero who had delivered the snake swooped it up with a broom handle at hand. As the boomslang soared through the air I wished it a soft landing in the neighbouring trees, with the hope that it would slink off in a sulk to more hospitable surroundings.

This all happened far too quickly and unexpectedly for any photo to be taken, so instead I’ll post this gorgeous woman in black with whom I shook hands as I fumbled for the light switch in the dark. As surprised as I was by the encounter she scuttled to the top corner of our bedroom where she calmly eyeballed me as I took her photo. Luckily she chose to keep her distance for as handsome as she is I did not wish her to be my bedfellow. Her leg span was about 10cm. By my amateur reckoning it is a baboon spider. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Baboon spider. Stanford. Photo: Viv of Scenic South